Rebuilt Centerless Grinders

Our rebuilt centerless grinders are said to be better than a brand new model. Sounds crazy; how can a second hand machine be better than one that is only a couple of years old?

Rebuilt centerless grinders are restored to their original capacity for production, however they have an advantage in that we are able to install new parts to the grinders that have been re-designed to be more productive. Like with your average home PC, the technology moves on at such rapid rates that what was a perfect, fast and efficient computer only one year ago has been superseded by the latest developments today and pales in comparison.

For this reason your centerless grinders can become more efficient and productive, not to mention more cost effective tools than when they were first manufactured after being overhauled.

We are market leaders in the UK and have been providing rebuild services for all types of centerless grinding machines. Please contact us for further information on how best to restore your Cincinnati grinder.